Monday, November 2, 2009

"TheRedLight" It's finally here!!!

Today we feature M.D.Z he is dropping his first debut mix tape "TheRedLight'
M.D.Z short for $Million Dollar Zeek$ he is coming straight out of Harlem wit this one "TheRedLight"
which was Released on Halloween but wasn't put up for download until yesterday "Million Dolla Zeek" is a New York native familiar with Music its all in his family from cousins uncles all the way to his older brother Aero AKA Dr.Manhattan M.D.Z has his own crew which he is CEO of they call them selves The M.H.C Money Hungry Crew catchy isn't it the crew is full of talent from rappers ball players entrepreneurs etc. Look Out for Their mix tape as well i believe it is to be called M.H.C MAYHEM! And shortly after that M.D.Z will be hitting em again wit . . . .well ill save the titles for later but for now ENJOY THE RED LIGHT DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW

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